Zeus Medium Fresh Salsa 3 pack



Zues Top                           3 pack of our award-winning Fresh Medium Salsa. 


2nd Place 2015 ZestFest Winner!fiery food challenge 1

Zeus the god of the sky and our medium Fresh Salsa.  Olympus Salsa’s are handcrafted in small batches using only the freshest highest quality ingredients.   Only the best jalapeno’s,  and habanero’s are selected for this savory sweet salsa.  All natural, gluten free, no sugar added with only 30mg of sea salt.

Ingredients:  Tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, green peppers, onions, garlic, sweet red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, and yellow bell peppers, jalapeno’s, lime juice, cilantro, habanero, sea salt, Stevia in the raw (maltodextrin), black pepper, and citric acid.

Receive 3 of our fresh award-winning salsa’s in a reusable insulated cooler with ice packs to keep your salsa’s cold.


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Weight 1 lbs